Volunteer Profile: Charmian Gilbert

Charmian Gilbert Memorial Stores

This month's superstar volunteer is the effervescent, Charmian Gilbert! A long-standing resident of Limpsfield, Charmian lived in Detillens Lane for 10 years before moving to Dwelly Lane in Staffhurst Wood, where she has now lived for 51 years!   

She married her husband, John at St Peter’s Church and both daughters also live in the village.

Charmian enjoys a good laugh and her smiley face and warm personality has been welcoming customers into Memorial Stores for over five years.

Aside from helping in the Stores, Charmian sings in a local choir that raises funds for various charities. She also enjoys gardening, swimming, yoga, walking, spending time with her family and visiting National Trust properties.

She’s a sucker for our Carrot Cake, her favourite treat amongst the huge variety of delicious cakes and biscuits on sale!  

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Volunteer Profile: Marlene Hind

Memorial Stores

Say Guten Tag to our exotically-named November Volunteer - Marlene Hind! 

German born Marlene is originally from Bremen, but has lived in Britain since she was married around 55 years ago!  

She now lives with her husband in Limpsfield Chart, where she’s been a resident for 10 years. 

Marlene has been a dedicated and regular volunteer at Memorial Stores for over three years.

She loves needlework and embroidery (but not knitting!), music and gardening.


Volunteer Profile - Jennie Ephgrave

Every month we're going to try to profile one of our fabulous and ever-growing list of Limpsfield Memorial Stores Volunteers who keep this wonderful service open all hours! So please give a drumroll for October's Volunteer, Jennie Ephgrave!


The lovely Jennie has volunteered in the Limpsfield Memorial Stores for over 5 years and always had a welcoming smile for everyone. 

Having lived in Oxted and Limpsfield on and off since 1964, and in Limpsfield village for 16 years, Jennie loves Limpsfield for its community spirit, history and the sense of belonging she gets from being part of village life.

A keen gardener, she’s also part of the Limpsfield in Bloom team of volunteers.

Jennie loves walking, swimming, visiting historic houses and reading. She also attends the University of the Third Age in Westerham, where she studies languages.