Former manager Jane receives flowers at the 10th anniversary celebration in 2009

In 1997 the then owner of the Stores had decided that he could no longer continue the running of the business and it looked like Limpsfield would be left without its Post Office and general store.

Our SOS (Save Our Stores) meeting was held in January 1998, over 200 people attended and a proposal to take over the Memorial Stores and Post Office on behalf of the community was agreed.

Under the chairmanship of John Tolley a business plan was developed and £45,000 raised to get the business off the ground.  The initial funding came largely from local people willing to advance interest free loans (£28,000), from gifts (£12,000) and from grants of £5,000 from the Rural Development Commission and Limpsfield Parish Council.

£10 shares were sold to supporters of the proposals and they then became members of the Limpsfield Village Stores Association.  In addition a separate interest bearing loan for just over £40,000 was raised from a local supporter enabling us to buy the freehold of the property.

In May 1999, with financial backing in place and the support, involvement and work of so many local people, the Stores was refurbished, restocked and relaunched.

Since then the Stores has gone from strength to strength.