The continued success of the Stores has been down to the loyalty and goodwill of those who shop with us regularly and the many volunteers who work in the shop and the Post Office.  There are now over 60 volunteers, including young students working towards their Duke of Edinburgh awards.

Today the business is thriving. Over the years we've improved the range of products we sell with a special emphasis on using locally sourced produce.

The Post Office has survived the rounds of cuts and closures and continues to be a major and integral part of our business.

Membership of the Limpsfield Village Store Associations stands at over 350 - a clear indication of the strength of local support.  Impressively all money borrowed has been repaid.

Despite the fluctuating economic climate and competition from the big supermarkets, shoppers continue to use the Stores in good numbers demonstrating their desire to "keep it local".

The success of the Limpsfield Memorial Stores however isn't just about its bottom line. The Stores really is the heart of the village, not only somewhere local and convenient to shop, but also where there's a friendly and welcoming face behind the counter.

Thanks to the generosity of the original investors, the hard work and enthusiasm of the many volunteers and Manager Kerry and staff, the Stores is one of the village's biggest assets.

In 1998, at one of the public meetings, it was said that the business should be a "Centre of Village Life" and we believe that's exactly what we've achieved.